Atari Announces Atari Fit

by on January 6, 2015

Lets face it, we are now six days into January and I am prepared to bet that most of you have already given up on those idealistic new years resolutions to get fit, eat healthier and play more games. Fortunately for those of you struggling with those resolutions Atari has a solution, their new Atari Fit app.

Heading to unspecified mobile devices in early 2015 Atari Fit features over 150 workouts including full-body circuit workouts, running programs and custom routines. However the most interesting part, to me at least, is that within the app users will be able to unlock access to classic Atari games by exercising, and those games will feature online leaderboards. The games on offer will include Pong, Centipede, Super Breakout and more.

The app has been developed with Michael Porter a certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He had this to say about the app.

“By certifying all exercise and workout routines included in the app, Atari Fit is ensuring that the programs are safe and effective,”

“The variety of programs and features incorporated were designed for users at every level, making exercising fun for the newest of fitness followers to the most experienced athletes.”

Then Fred Chesnais, Chief Executive Officer at Atari added this.

“Atari Fit is the first fitness app to motivate and reward players with gameplay for being active in between gaming sessions. It’s a gamified fitness experience with an Atari twist. Players are motivated to work toward their fitness goals, while offering a fun, competitive experience where they earn coins and can unlock their favorite classic Atari games. The team and leaderboard components are especially unique to the Atari Fit experience, as players around the globe can exercise, play and get healthy together.”