Block ‘n’ Load’s Latest Map Rotation Sees New Maps Added to the Game

by on January 27, 2015

Jagex’s online multiplayer shooter Block ‘n’ Load is currently is currently in beta, and has just had it’s most recent map rotation which sees an Old School character skin for the Nigel character and two new maps added to its roster.

The Last Bastion and Shuko Style have hit playlists and are ready to accept your fighting spirit today:

The Last Bastion

Two massive fortresses face off against each other with only a muddy pool and a single bridge to link them. Sniping from on high, charging over the bridge, or tunnelling underground to cause panic amongst the enemy; how you wreak havoc is entirely up to you! This is a vast battlefield for larger-than-life characters, and at this scale setting up small forward bases is crucial!

Shuko Style

O.P. ‘Juan’ Shinobi isn’t the only character that’s right at home on this brand new arena! Building bridges or jumping from platform to platform provide just some of the alternative routes for you to utilise as you take out the enemy’s generator cube. Clever placement of radars will also warn your team of flanking attacks while well-placed, hidden turrets can mow down enemy attackers before they get your base.

Also announced is the ability to pre-order the ‘Fully Loaded’ edition of the game for a special price of £15.40 (Normally £22.99) over on Steam, this offer is only on until February 12. Pre-orders grant instant access to the beta. Or, you can head over to the main site and sign up for a beta key right now.

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