Bloodborne Patch is Live and Addresses the Loading Time Issue

by on April 23, 2015

No longer will it be as easy to live tweet your progress in Twitter while playing Bloodborne, as the loading times for the game has been reduced thanks to the release of the latest patch for the game.
Patch 1.03 has already shown it can reduce times between five to fifteen seconds for some loading times. Though that doesn’t matter as From have also brought back in the item descriptions so you can learn while you wait!
The full list that has been released on the Japanese blog has also fixed issues with elevators, made sure bosses were no longer immobilised and allow matchmaking after the Suspend/Resume feature is used on the PS4.

All in all, this should deal with some of the major gripes that have been thrown up, though it still doesn’t increase the number of hours in the day to allow you to play more Bloodborne.

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