Tropico 5: ‘Inquisition’ DLC out Today

by on April 16, 2015

Things aren’t right on the beautiful island of Tropico it seems, a mysterious cult has rolled into El Presidente’s land and their looking to seize his power, it seems El President is going to need some help.

Step forward the Inquisition, to aid El Presidente in his time of need. You’ll need to gain their favour by building them a HQ and allowing them to work for you. Don’t give them too much though, lest they bite the hand that feeds them.


  • New standalone scenario: “Tropican Redemption“ – Banish the cultists from your island and lift Tropico from its curse
  • New building: Inquisition – Spy on factions and unmask the roles of each faction member
  • New dynasty avatar accessory: Inquisitor’s hat
  • New sandbox map: Isla del Rey
  • New music track and additional voice recording

It’s out now for PC and Mac priced at £2.49 or €2.99 on Steam. If Steam isn’t your thing (why?) then you can grab it from Kalypso themselves.


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