Pre-order Magicka 2 and Get a Sneak Peek

by on May 5, 2015

Pre-order Magicka 2 digitally and you’ll get a sneak preview version of the game to enjoy.

The sneak peek – which can be played in -four-player co-op – will include:

  • The Prologue, in which Wizards discover what has happened in Midgård since the last adventure, learn to spell again in a helpful tutorial and figure out who not to incinerate
  • The First Mission of the Adventure Campaign, in which Wizards use a combination of elemental spells to prevent and/or cause mayhem
  • “The Festival,” a Challenge level in which Wizards are challenged to attain a high score while opposed by score-hating monsters

Magicka 2 is out May 26 on PS4 and PC.