Sponsored: The Globally Competitive Arena That is Video Games


In the globally competitive arena that is video games, gamers depend on accurate reviews and up to the minute news in order to gain an edge over others. With the many sites on the market today, it is helpful for gamers to have a one-stop source where all of this information is at their fingertips. Especially, if it is in an easy-to-read format that appeals to their affinity for all things digital. Novatech, part of VoucherBin, is a firm believer in God is a Geek, and that speaks volumes. From its ability to offer the latest in gaming news to accurate and unbiased reviews, in addition to updating gamers on the latest features in gaming technology, the site simply is unparalleled in its richness of content and accessibility.

Two features of the site that are proving to be particularly innovative are the videos and podcast section. New videos are frequently uploaded to God is a Geek in order to provide real-life simulations of games that might be on a gamers’ wish lists but they are still on the fence about. Visually watching a review of the game and getting to know the characters is a feature of the site not present in many other places. Rather than hunting all of the Internet for various sites that have simulations of the most popular games, God is a Geek provides the opportunity for gamers to navigate quickly to the latest releases and preview to their hearts’ content.

For the serious gamers out there, podcasts are yet another unique way that God is a Geek is striving to capture the complete gaming audience that desires even more commentary. Regularly updated podcasts cover a host of issues interesting to the avid gamer in much the same way that other genres appeal to their listening audience. Again, all of this is centrally located on the site, and podcasts can be downloaded quickly to one’s favorite device for future playback as desired.

As God is a Geek is managed by some of most professional and avid gamers known on the face of the planet, visitors can be comforted by the reality that the reviews are unbiased and comprehensive. Each portion of the site contains commentary by various gamers that really know their stuff and desire to educate both novices and advanced gamers alike on the finer parts of the industry. The site really brings to life the hobby that so many around the world have grown to love and are playing in increasing numbers. A final interesting feature is the running Top 10 list that both Novatech and VoucherBin UK avidly support. This list is constantly updated, and it runs at the top of the site enabling visitors to quickly determine trending items related to their passion for gaming. The team at God is a Geek dot com is energetic and innovative, and this is certainly reflected by the content on the site. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out today!