OpenCritic Gets new Features

by on November 17, 2015

Games review aggregate site OpenCritic has been updated with a couple of new features today.

Chief among these is a new ranking graph system.


The purpose of this is to show inquisitive gamers just whereabouts a particular score falls amongst the other games ranked on the site. So you can see if the game’s aggregate score puts it in the top games around, or the worst.

Next up is a percentage recommended indicator. Essentially, this boils down to a marker that tells you how many outlets have scored the game above 80%, thus indicating a recommendation. Any non-scoring outlets that have branded a game as recommended or higher will also be included in this figure.

OpenCritic is really setting itself out to be the prime destination for your game score aggregative needs. Simple to use, and with a host of information for you to get your teeth into.