Destiny: Rise of Iron launch trailer is here to get you fired up

by on September 15, 2016

Destiny’s newest expansion Rise of Iron is released next week on the 20th, and Bungie have released a trailer to get us all in the mood.

Showcasing a bunch of new weapons and abilities, plus a small look at the new raid (yes, new raid), that Guardians can expect to slog their way through, it certainly looks like Destiny is back in a big way.

There’s also a new social area called Felwinter Peak, plus a whole new combat area – The Plaguelands – to shoot your way through. As well as this, new strikes are included and existing strikes retooled to freshen things up a touch.

There’s only five days to go, so if you want the pre-order exclusive Exotic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, you better get that pre-order in now.

Rise of Iron will be available on PS4 and Xbox One on Tuesday September 20.