Miitomo to receive major update today

by on November 10, 2016

Nintendo have announced that a free update will be rolling out for it’s Miitomo app today, adding a range of new features and customisation options.

The biggest change in this patch is that the flooring and wallpaper in each Mii’s room will now be customisable with some of these decorations themed around Nintendo’s other franchises such as Metroid and Zelda. These can be collected from Miitomo Drop while posters of images taken in Miifoto or stored on the user’s device can be hung around the room for a fee of £0.79 per photo.

Additionally players will now be able to create extra Mii characters, called Sidekick Miis, and send private messages to anyone on their friends list, which will be hand delivered by a mii of their choice. The update also adds Style Central and Answer Central, where players can post their favourite Mii outfits and view responses to public questions respectively.