Symphonic Odysseys London to celebrate Nobuo Uematsu’s music with new live concert

by on February 9, 2017

Symphonic Odysseys London will celebrate Nobuo Uematsu’s music in June 2017 with a live concert.

The concert will feature music from Final Fantasy, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and more. Symphonic Odysseys London will be the first UK show dedicated to Nobuo Uematsu’s music. The London Symphony Orchestra, Eckehard Stier, the London Symphony Chorus, pianist Mischa Cheung, and more will be performing.

Nobuo Uematsu will be attending in person and will have a meet and greet in a pre concert show with special ticket holders. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 10 am ranging from £30 to £65. You can buy them here. The special pre concert show tickets will be available at the same time for £10 each.

If you want some music from Uematsu on vinyl, you can pickup Final Symphony and Symphonic Fantasies.

This concert will take place on June 20.

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