Six tips to help you become a Master Builder in LEGO Worlds

by on March 11, 2017

LEGO Worlds is a huge game and as such, my review is in progress at the moment; I want to spend as much time with the multiplayer features and different world possibilities as possible before delivering my final verdict. In the meantime, if you are picking up LEGO Worlds over the weekend, here are some tips to get you started.

Collect gold bricks

In LEGO Worlds your spaceship is your key to exploring the different worlds on offer. At the beginning of the game you crash land on a planet and are guided through a bit of a tutorial detailing all the different tools on offer to you. One task is locating gold bricks to fix your Spaceship and allowing you to fly to other worlds in the galaxy. Gold bricks are littered around the various worlds; you can find them in chests, steal them off the Troublemakers, and receive them as quest rewards from the various characters littered around the worlds. You won’t be able to free build and create your own worlds and structures until you have reached “Master Builder” which is granted at a whopping 100 gold bricks, and you can’t unlock larger worlds without finding at least 50, so get exploring.

“Discover” EVERYTHING!

The Discovery tool is the first item you will find when you start exploring, and it is your most useful. The Discovery tool works by aiming at an item and clicking the action button to “discover” it. Once discovered it enters into your inventory to be used later for when you want to build things. You can also utilise it to place the things you have in your inventory like vehicles and animals. Scan everything you can find; all the flora and fauna and also the various characters you see, as they will allow you to change into different characters which will help you with other parts of the game. On some occasions you can’t scan the characters and creatures, and this is generally because you haven’t located an item that they want yet. When you do complete it, don’t forget to “discover” them with your tool to add them into your inventory!

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Explore, explore, explore

Each world you generate holds lots of secrets so be sure to spend some time exploring it. There are lots of caverns that you can wander about underground that have items to discover with your Discovery tool that won’t appear over ground. There are often chests to be broken for studs and treasure chests containing items that you need in order to complete character quests.
You can also explore underwater, so be on the look out for characters that will allow you to do that easily, like the deep-sea diver.

Smash everything

It wouldn’t be a LEGO game without the stud currency we are all used to. In LEGO Worlds, the studs allow you to unlock the items, vehicles, animals and characters you have scanned into your inventory. Everything is punchable in LEGO Worlds so get smashing stuff to give you the studs to be able to buy all your discoveries.

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Complete quests

In each world you generate, you’ll see coloured dots on your mini-map that cast beacons up into the sky so you can easily see them. These dots are invariably markers for quest givers. By carrying out quests you are likely to receive things like, studs or gold bricks as a reward, or even special unique items that are added into your inventory for use later on via your Discovery tool. Some quest givers have multiple tiers of requests, so be sure to exhaust them all.

Use the random world generator

Once the tutorial worlds have been completed and you have all the tools available to you that you will need, you are let loose to generate worlds in which to locate more golden bricks. You can use the random world generator tool to create up to 10 different worlds from which you pick one that takes your fancy to land on and explore. Try to pick a mixture of different looking worlds so that you can locate as many new objects as possible. Each time you land on a world that has a new biome you will receive the corresponding build items that make up the terrain in your inventory, which will provide much greater freedom later on once you have attained Master Builder status. Once you collect 25 gold bricks you will be able to start generating medium sized worlds, and again at 50 bricks you unlock large worlds. The bigger worlds will often generate with different biomes, so explore as much as possible.

There is lots more to see and do in LEGO Worlds, including the multiplayer aspect where you can join other player’s worlds or have them join you, but for now I’ll leave you to discover them all on your own.