Twitch announces it’s new Affiliate Program

by on April 22, 2017

Streaming platform Twitch has announced a new Affiliate Program which will enable non-partnered channels to earn revenue from tools that were previously partner exclusive.

When the program is launched this month Twitch will invite creators who fit certain criteria, based on time streaming, viewership and followers, to participate although the bar for entry is apparently very low. Cheering with Bits will be the first tool available to these channels, allowing viewers to show support and celebration in the chat, with further revenue avenues, such as subscriptions and advertising, becoming available down the line.

“Twitch is built upon looking to our content creators with both large and small communities to learn how we can best serve their needs,” said Ethan Evans, SVP of Commerce and Developer Success, Twitch. “With our upcoming Affiliate Program, we will be able to open up a means of support from the community to a whole new class of creators numbering in the tens of thousands.”

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