Magikarp Jump brings Pokémon’s useless fish to mobile

by on May 26, 2017

You may have haddock enough of Pokémon, but to ensure there’s no escape from them another mobile app has been released.

We’ve had Pokémon GO and the turbot charged Pokémon shuffle, now the Pokémon Company has turned their attention to their useless lovable fish Magikarp. In what basically amounts to a clicker game, you will spend your time raising a bunch of magikarp to splash uselessly for all their lives. It’ll be up to you to ensure they’re protected from predators and the eelements.

It may seem trout of order, and I’m sorry to keep carping on, but I swear, as cod is my witness that you will enjoy this little game. It may sound a load of pollocks, but this is sure to make the Pokémon company a load of mola.

It’s available now for iOS and android. Get on it!