Apple redesigns the App Store, greater focus on Games

by on June 6, 2017

Apple just announced a new App Store for iOS 11.

Shipping with iOS 11 will be a brand new design for the App Store. In addition to a new design, it has gotten new functionality and more. This App Store begins with a tab bar at the bottom with new tabs. The Today tab highlights apps and stories and developers. This will include interviews, features, stories, guides, and more. The highlight of the new store for me is the new Games category. Games is the most popular category on the App Store and now it is easier than ever to access games with its own complete section on the store. There are now different tabs for Apps and Games. The Games tab also lets you explore by genre and you get to see the brand new app pages. More information about the App Store is available here.

It is good to see Apple pay more attention to iOS gaming. It is one of the best platforms to play on. iOS 11 and the redesigned App Store will ship this September.

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