New Kingdom Hearts III trailer tells Sora to get in the robot

by on July 17, 2017

There’s still no firm release date for the newest incomprehensible Kingdom Hearts adventure, but a new trailer shows we’ve got a friend in Sora.

In this one Sora winds up in Toy Story World and meets up with Woody, Buzz and the rest of their owner Andy’s toys. Sora, Donald and Goofy sport ye-olde Transformer style looks with visible rivets through their joints, a step up from Woody’s stitches. There’s a more playful attitude to this segment as well (well, they are toys after all), with Sora’s Keyblade sporting a cactus in a cowboy hat and Sora piloting a ‘mech’.

There’s no denying it looks good, but it’s still such a long way away. It’s due out sometime in 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One.


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