Decksplash is free to play on Steam for a week so get that skateboard out

by on November 3, 2017

The skateboarding turf war game Decksplash is free to play on Steam temporarily.

Bossa Studios’ new game is playable on Steam for PC right now for free in a special campaign. If it hits 100k downloads before November 10, it will instantly release into Early Access after the free week ends. Henrique Olifiers, the co-founder of Bossa Studios commented on this:

“Decksplash is an online multiplayer game. It cannot succeed without a thriving live community, as players depend on a minimum amount of other active participants to get a good matchmaking experience and have fun with it. This is why we devised this experiment: give the game away for free, no strings attached and, if people genuinely like it, then launch in the knowledge we’re focusing our energy into a game that will work for every player and the dev team for years to come.”

Decksplash is available on Steam and is free right now. Check out the Steam page here.

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