GTA Online gets festive and a new car comes available

by on December 19, 2017

The festive season is upon us, and everyone’s favourite online larceny simulator  is looking to jingle your bells.

Starting now until January 5 there’ll be a considerable amount of holiday themed unlocks to obtain, including Krampus masks which will become available on Christmas Eve.

If you head on down to SAN Andreas Super Autos you’ll be able to buy the Ubermacht Sentinel Classic, a Mustang in all but name, a proper beefy American Supercar.

As well as this there’s a new Adversary mode: Occupy. Occupy is a territory grabbing mode where you need to stay in zones long enough for them to switch to your team’s colour, once obtained you’ll amass points, the more zones you occupy the faster your points will go up. The first team to the target score wins. Playing Occupy will also net you double GTA$ and RP.

There’s also a bunch of 30% off offers at the shops, 8ncluding yachts, armoured vehicles and properties.

For those looking for something different you’ll be able to earn big payouts in stunt races and time trials by checking the Quick Job App on your in-game phone. From today until Christmas Day you’ll be able to take part in the H200 premium stunt race and the Sawmill Time Trial, and then from Boxing Day until New Year’s Day you can go for the Double Loop Stunt Race and Cupress Flats Time Trial.