HTC unveils the Vive Pro headset and the Vive Wireless Adaptor

by on January 9, 2018

It’s CES this week, and Vive have unveiled a new version of their Vive headset featuring OLED screens and built in headphones.

Not content with the Vive headset being one of the best around, Vive have seen fit to produce a Pro version of their headset, which has two OLED screens granting a combined resolution of 2880 x 1600, which is a significant bump up compared to the existing model. As well as this, the new Pro edition also has built in headphones, meaning you wont need to use a separate ill fitting headset as you try to enjoy your VR content.

To make matters even better for Vive lovers, HTC have also created a wireless adaptor. This adaptor will work with both the Pro and original models of the Vive, allowing users to user their headsets without being tethered to their computers. The adaptor broadcasts on a 60Hz frequency granting no interference and very little latency. You’ll have to make sure you don’t bump into anything of your own accord though, unparalleled freedom when you can’t see your surroundings is asking for trouble.

Viveport will also be getting a facelift, instead of a 2D storefront the interface will be fully integrated into the VR experience, allowing you to browse the store in virtual reality, and also experience previews while in the store.

Vimeo is also coming to Vive, alongside Vive video, giving access to VR video content.

It just goes to show that VR isn’t just another ‘3D fad’, and that companies are in this for the long haul.