New PS4 Gold Wireless Headset Coming To US This Month, UK Soon

by on February 5, 2018

Good news for fans of gaming headsets, as Sony has announced the imminent release of its new Gold Wireless Headset. Coming to the US this month according to the US Playstation Blog, with the EU release “soon”, it boasts a range of features to enhance the enjoyment of your favourite PS4 games.

Its new, sleek form is even designed to fit over the Playstation VR headset, so you can enjoy 7.1 virtual surround sound for total immersion. As if Resident Evil 7 wasn’t scary enough as it is, you can go all in on soiling yourself now.

For online players, it comes with two hidden, noise-cancelling microphones for crystal clear communication with friends (or enemies, if you’re that kind of player). It’s also compatible with mobile devices, as it comes with a 3.5mm audio cable. Perfect for a blasting out a bit of Slipknot. Kids still listen to them, right? I bet the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack sounds glorious through these, too.

The Headset Companion App is still compatible with this new, enhanced headset, so you’ll be able to configure specific audio profiles for your go-to games.

The Playstation 4 Gold Wireless Headset comes to the US later this month, price at $99.99. Coming soon to Europe.