Yonder: The Cloud Chronicles is coming to Switch

by on March 14, 2018

Indie developer, Prideful Sloth has today announced that Yonder: The Cloud Chronicles is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Create a hero and help the people of troubled island Gemea, dispelling the ominous “Murk” that plagues the land. Farm, craft, cook, brew and fish to help the townsfolk and find magical sprites that can help you banish the murk.

“The beauty of Yonder is in its calming pace and relaxing gameplay. You’re free to explore the open world however you choose; it’s a beautiful, safe, inviting world,” said Cheryl Vance, co-founder and director at Prideful Sloth. “The Nintendo Switch lends itself to leisurely, comfortable play. It’s a great home for the unique experiences that Yonder provides.”

Yonder will be available digitally for $29.99 USD on the Nintendo eShop, and will be available via physical retail for $39.99.