Rocket League patch 1.56 is now live and it adds Xbox One X support and more

by on December 4, 2018

Psyonix just released Rocket League patch 1.56 on all platforms.

The patch notes including Xbox One X support are below:

‘Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 5’ is now available to all players under Music Playlists
Monstercat Flags have been added
‘Hyper Potions’

Xbox One X Enhanced with 4K and HDR

Rocket League on Xbox One X now displays in native 4K
4K support requires a 4K-capable television and compatible HDMI cable
Supersampling is enabled if playing on Xbox One X with a 1920×1080 display
HDR support has been added
HDR will automatically activate if:
Your 4K TV supports HDR
HDR is enabled on your 4K TV
HDR is enabled on your Xbox One X via the “Display and Sound” settings menu
HDR options include
HDR Paper White: Adjusts how bright a paper white surface should be when HDR is enabled
HDR Contrast
Side-by-Side Visualizer: Allows you to compare when HDR is enabled vs disabled


Increased XP/second in Casual and Competitive Playlists by 40%
Increased Win Bonus from 50 to 100
Increased Weekly Win Bonus from two matches per day to three per day
Weekly maximum has increased from 14 matches to 21 matches
A limited number of points are now awarded for each ball hit
You earn two points per touch
Points earned per touch limited to one touch per second
Players who have not met the minimum point threshold needed to earn XP will now see a notification on the End Match screen

Ranked Extra Modes Leaderboards

Skill Leaderboards have been added for each Ranked Extra Mode
Each Extra Mode Leaderboard will include MMR data going back to the beginning of Season 9

Placement Match wins now count towards your Bronze Season Reward Level
Crates and Keys

Crate contents are now revealed with a new, faster unlock sequence


Start and End dates have been added to the Rocket Pass screen
New item notifications have been removed
Adjusted how Club colors are displayed in an Arena during a Club Match
[Beta Feature] You can now remap controls through Steam while playing in Big Picture Mode

General Bug Fixes

[PlayStation 4] Game should no longer freeze when starting matchmaking
Fixed the ‘Striker Legend’ Goal Explosion displaying as ‘Striker Pro’
Painted ‘MG-88’ and ‘Mummified’ Decals now properly display on Endo
Fixed a bug that would give incorrect results after filtering by Most Recent
[Nintendo Switch] Trades involving more than 10 Keys will no longer fail
Rocket Pass XP Boost amount now correctly displays at the end of a match
Silver and Gold Season 6 Reward Wheels now correctly display on Battle-Cars
RLCS Decals now display all relevant details in the trade window
Fixed an edge near the Wasteland Blue team goal post that caused an irregular bounce
Boost exhaust near rear of engine should now be the correct color instead of default orange.

Rocket League is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.