The eSports Giants

by on February 7, 2019

Currently, there are around 47 games that fall in the eSports category – among these we have our favorite fighting, first-person shooters, real-time strategy, sports, racing, MOBA, and a few other types of games.

The eSports stage is really the dream of every single gamer out there – there is a place for everybody here, no matter the game you play or love the most. If you get good enough, then you have plenty of chances to play the game you love at a professional level.

However, only a few of the games that are being played on the eSports stages can be called the giants of the industry – not only in eSports but in terms of betting as well. Therefore, we’ll now take a look at the most famous eSports games of 2018.

League of Legends

Naturally, MOBAs are still a hit on the eSports stage, even after so many years since their initial release – when it comes to a League of Legends tournament, the stadiums get full and the bettors seem to be playing the game as much as they bet on it.

No wonder it is so popular, as the total prize pool of the game rounds up to a whopping $49 million – moreover, over 5,000 professional players play the game every year and try to get their hands on the World Tournament cup.

At the moment, League of Legends is also one of the games with the most bets placed on during an eSports event – the game can be easy to predict sometimes, but a lot of thought has to go into a bettor’s strategy if he or she wants to place an entirely safe bet.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Of course, Counter-Strike is still among the most popular games out there – moreover, it has more professional players than League of Legends, namely, around 8,500.

When it comes to the game’s total prize pool, it exceeds $42 million – a few years ago, a professional team would be extremely happy to have won just a couple of hundreds of dollars after a certain tournament. Now, as the prize increased significantly, everyone strives to be the very best.

For example, the prize for the November 2018 ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals is of $750,000 and sixteen teams compete for it – with such an amount, the betting odds are among the craziest out there. Be sure to place your bet carefully – our platform, https://gg.bet/en/betting, has all the information you need when it comes to the most popular eSports games out there so that you can place a safe bet.

Defense of the Ancients 2

Yet another MOBA, DotA 2 is the third most popular eSports game in 2018. At the moment, it has the highest prize pool of all the games on the eSports stage out there – over $126 million.

Indeed, DotA has had much fewer tournaments than League of Legends and CS: GO – only 850 -, but this fact has given the people behind the game’s tournaments the chance to give a significant reward to the winner – for example, for one of the past World Tournament Series, the final prize was of $2 million, a sum much bigger than the World Tournaments of CS: GO and League of Legends.