KFC’s Blackout Tournament set to make someone 15k richer and give them a ridiculous amount of chicken

by on February 23, 2019

Tomorrow the final of KFC’s first ever eSports tournament and sixteen players will fight it out over a £50,000 prize pool and a KFC Black Card.

For those that don’t know (like me until about 5 minutes ago) a KFC Black Card entitles the user to unlimited KFC chicken, which is surely worth the price of the tournament itself? But the winner will also walk away £15,000 richer as well. There were sixteen qualifying rounds over five weeks leading up to this, and now the sixteen finalists have teamed up with a bunch of content creators and have been training together ready to kick ass in the name of chicken.

You’ll be able to watch the final from 3pm uk time tomorrow via the streams of the content creators, details for which you can find here: http://www.kfcroyale.com/kfc/leagues/final/1257-grand-final