Ideas to Monetize a Love of Gaming

by on July 10, 2019

There are so many avenues to succeed and do well in. It doesn’t matter what your passion is. if you’d like to, you can find many ways to monetize a passion and make it a full-time job. The key is that you have to be patient, consistent and resilient. This process of entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. However, if you develop the grit and discipline you’ll need to propel yourself, the sky is truly the limit. Consider the following ideas that will allow you to monetize a love of gaming.

Reselling Action Figures and Games

There are lots of reselling websites. There are even reselling websites that are specifically for gamers. However, the mother of all reselling websites is eBay. It has withstood the test of time. It shows no signs of slowing down. You can choose to buy and hold really valuable action figurines that are available now. As you hold onto them, you can later flip them for a major profit. You can also opt to take advantage of limited edition items. Purchase a considerable amount of limited edition items. When they’re no longer in stock, add your collection to reselling websites for a competitive and profitable price. One of the benefits of selling limited edition items is that the turnaround time tends to be a little quicker. You can also choose to visit flea markets and garage sales on a regular basis. As you pick out different games and figurines that are vintage or hard to find, you can resell them on eBay and make a lot of money.

YouTube Reviews or Gaming Episodes

YouTube is owned by Google. As a result, the amount of traffic you can get with a site like YouTube is limitless. The key is to make sure you’re providing amazing content on a regular basis. People love to follow and subscribe to channels that are consistent with their production. Develop a schedule that works for you. If you can only commit to posting two videos a week, that’s fine. Just make sure you stick with that schedule if you’d like to gain momentum. Consider what you’d like to make your channel about. You can choose to record videos of yourself playing the various games. However, you can also choose to switch things up by creating a few review videos. As you sit down and talk about various games and give your fair review of each, this can turn into another stream of income through the power of affiliate marketing. As you recommend a specific game, you can leave a link in your YouTube bio. As people click the link and purchase the game, you’ll receive a commission. However, make sure you sign up with a few reputable affiliate programs. Most major retailers have affiliate programs that you can register for.

Digital Products

As you develop a following who’s committed to your particular voice and perspective, it’s a great idea to create other products that they can consume. Whether you choose to create a podcast or write a few eBooks, there are plenty of ways to monetize your voice on what’s happening within the gaming world. Once you gain a certain amount of notoriety, people are going to want to follow in your footsteps. You can create e-courses and e-books that teach others how to succeed or find their voice within the world of gaming. Another option involves coaching. You can book different clients through digital platforms like websites and freelance sites. Then, you can charge a specific fee for a certain amount of time and access. If you’re going to sell or produce digital products, it’s best to consider the use of notable platforms like Teachable and Amazon. You can create courses and sell them on popular platforms like Teachable, and you can create a link that directs people to your website as well. When you sell your eBooks on major platforms like Amazon, you automatically broaden your reach and visibility within the marketplace. While it might be nice to exclusively sell your products on your website, you’ll miss out on a lot of money by avoiding the other sites. Instead, you can be strategic about the way you capture the attention of your audience for more sales. If you’re selling one book, you can make sure it’s good enough for people to want to join your email list. Then, as you sell another book, sell it exclusively to your email list at an earlier time than those who would get it on Amazon. This will allow you to keep more of the profits. Make sure you maintain a website that can handle transactions. Take a look at the major differences between magento enterprise and other options to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

As you move forward with these ideas, you might find new ways to monetize your love of gaming. Don’t be afraid to experiment, try new things and brainstorm. That’s what the power of creativity is all about.

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