Sigma, hero number 31 is now live on the Overwatch PTR.

by on July 24, 2019

The 31st hero named Sigma is now live on the Overwatch PTR.

Sigma is a brilliant scientist who has been irreparably changed by an experiment gone wrong, giving him the ability to manipulate gravity. As as result of the damage caused by the experiment, Sigma was deemed a threat to humanity and locked away in a government facility for years. He was eventually freed by Talon and used as a living weapon.

Sigma is live on PC on the Public Test Server (PTR), his biographical details are as follows:

Real Name: Siebren de Kuiper

Age: 62

Occupation: Astrophysicist/Professor

Nationality: Netherlands

Affiliation: Talon

Sigma has a number of abilities, he can launch two gravitic charges that implode after a short duration dealing significant damage to an area, he can also propel a floating barrier to a location of his choosing and recall it at any time.

He can stop incoming projectiles in mid-air and convert them to shields, and he can also gather a mass of debris and throw it an enemy to knock them down.

His Ultimate ability allows him to manipulate gravity to lift nearby enemies into the air and then slam them back down.

Watch his origin story below:


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