New Mental Health Charity “Safe In Our World” Launches on World Mental Health Day

by on October 10, 2019

A new mental health charity has launched today, specifically to help gamers and creators with mental health issues. On World Mental Health Day, Safe In Our World has been announced to help raise awareness and to affect positive change within the videogames industry.

Safe in Our World is an accredited charity supported by industry luminaries, veterans and ambassadors across the world, and its mission is to create an online destination where people can seek help, gain access to resources and information, and discover stories from real people within and surrounding the games industry. Safe in Our World aims to enable conversations by destigmatizing the mental health conditions; helping a generation of creators, professionals and players come together in support of each other.

The charity’s first initiative is to highlight mental health issues through gaming experiences. This begins with Fractured Minds, a game by 2017 BAFTA Young Game Designer award winner Emily Mitchell, who found solace in games development.


Visit Safe In Our World for more information, or for support.

Especially if you need support. You’re not alone.