Valentine’s Day extras coming to Apple Arcade games

by on February 13, 2020

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, two hit Apple Arcade games – Grindstone and Patterened – are releasing some themed content. For those who subscribe to Apple Arcade, this new content will be free of charge to play as part of your subscription.

Grindstone from Capybara Games is launching two new ‘Valentine’s Day’ freebies to help players tackle those extra-tough levels. First is the wacky “Cupid Cosplay” outfit which gives creeps a fun and silly new behavior: when wearing the outfit, one creep will become lovestruck instead of going ‘aggro’, making the board a little less dangerous. When a second creep gets that lovin feelin’ they leap up into each other’s arms and explode in a squishy embrace. Second is the “Heartseeking Arrow” which works double duty; it’ll take out a creep and leave a ‘Hearty’ health pick-up in its place. Both seasonal items are available now to all players. Simply visit the inn to craft and equip them. In addition to these two holiday add-ons, the latest update also adds mid-level game saves which allows players to quit anytime and pick up right at their latest turn, never losing any of their epic multi-creep chains. Also new with the latest update is a Gore Slider which allows players to turn down the effects.

Apple Arcade Valentines

Patterned from Borederleap is releasing new Valentine’s content, new spring patterns, new hidden puzzles, new accessibility features, new menu sorting options, and new achievements. With this update, there are now over 250 patterns in the game. New menu options now feature hidden patterns, favorites, new sorting modes. The new Share-a-Pattern social share allows players to share the love of Patterned with friends. The new accessibility option allows users to adjust their preference for sketch brightness.