Bartlow’s Dread Machine launching in Early Access this July

by on May 21, 2020

Tribetoy and Beep Games have today revealed their old timey arcade shooter Bartlow’s Dread Machine will debut on Steam Early Access in July, with the full launch on Xbox One and PC due Fall 2020.

The game is set inside the titular relic from the Electric Age, where you play as a government agent trying to rescue President Roosevelt from the forces of evil. It can be played with one or two players, and sees you travel through New York, San Francisco, and the Great Plains.

Players will move in an old-fashioned, tactical way along a rail system, restricted by the clockwork gizmos running the arcade machine. There’re six worlds, eight characters to unlock, 52 guns, and loads of different outfits You’ll see monsters and historical characters throughout the tin, wood, and metal environments, and even get to use vehicles such as trains, ships, and a newfangled automobile.

“Bartlow’s Dread Machine is a loving tribute to early 20th-century arcade games, when you slid a nickel into a slot and these charming, rinky-dink figurines came to life,” said Matthew Hoseterey Co-Founder and Director of Design of Tribetoy. “Though antiquated today, these old-timey machines have a rustic charm that’s seemingly been out of fashion for some time. Bartlow’s Dread Machine brings back the look and feel of these obsolescent cabinets, but mixes it with modern sensibilities like twin-stick shooter controls and a bevvy of weapon upgrades. We think you’ll dig it!”

Sound good? Check out the trailer below: