Dirt 5 shown as part of Inside Xbox

by on May 7, 2020

The first game of the Inside Xbox has finally been shown, with thanks to Codemasters. With some beautiful petal effects from fallen blossom, we had Dirt 5 shown as part of Inside Xbox. The former Colin McRae series will live on for another generation. With this and an inevitable Forza game, Xbox racing fans will have plenty to play.

https://youtu.be/YWqWXlS2NxMPlease enter the url to a YouTube video.

Codemasters have provided some an additional lust of features about the upcoming racer.

“- A global journey with vibrant visuals, dynamic weather conditions, and thrilling and picturesque settings

– A wide range of vehicles from buggies to modern rally cars

– DIRT 5 is a bigger and more amplified DIRT experience that pays homage to DiRT 2 and 3

– Narrative-driven career with voice talent led by the iconic Nolan North and Troy Baker