Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order has some new modes

by on May 4, 2020

On this, the holiest of Star Wars days, EA and Respawn Entertainment have released some new free content for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. There’s a new game mode, replay the story with all acquired collectibles and new cosmetics for Cal and BD-1 and more.

Meditation Training

The new game mode for you to try out is Meditation Training which can be accessed via meditation points. This new mode gives you the opportunity to pit Cal against waves of enemies and bosses.

You’ll also have the Battle Grid available to you where you can create your own encounters. This goes from choosing the location, size of the encounters and applying different difficulty modifiers. There will also be some unique enemies in this mode.

The Meditation Training will unlock after your first playthrough and start a New Journey+.

New Journey+

As well as the Meditation Training being unlocked there are a few new things for the next playthrough. As mentioned previously all unlocked cosmetics will come with you on your new journey. New Journey+ will also unlock unique cosmetics, including an Inquisitor uniform and red lightsaber crystals.

New cosmetics also include new parts for the lightsaber and skins for BD-1. These can be earned by completing the new Combat Challenges found in the Meditation Training.

Misc updates

On top of the above new modes and cosmetics there are a few new extra updates. You can now scale the size of text if you need it, skip quick-time events and toggles to simplify interacting with objects and making your way around each world.

And finally, to go along with Star Wars day here is a new trailer showing off everything you’ve read above.

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