Top 5 Android Sync Managers To Sync Your Android Device

by on August 21, 2020

If you are an android user, then you are looking for ways to sync your android device. No worries, because we have got you covered.

Every day, we use our android phones to store loads of data. From contacts to photos to even important documents, we store everything on our smartphones. 

Let’s say, you have got a new phone. So what do you do now? Transferring all that data from one phone to another can be difficult. This is where the need for an android sync manager comes into the scene. It helps you to sync your android device effortlessly. In this post, we are going to suggest some of the best android sync managers that you can use.

Best Android Sync Managers

Here are the popular android sync managers that you can use.

  • Dr.Fone- Phone Manager

Dr.Fone is a powerful sync manager designed for android devices. With the help of this app, you can sync all your data including apps, photos, contacts, videos, and everything else using just a USB cable. It also allows you to manage your applications and download your data. 

  • DoubleTwist

This is yet another popular android sync manager designed for Mac and Windows. Using this app, you can sync music from your PC to your Android device. With the help of this app, you can manage your music collection and back it up on your PC. It comes with a very user-friendly interface and therefore, you won’t find it difficult to use.

  • SyncDroid

SyncDroid is a great app designed for Android users. It can sync all types of data from your android device to your computer. This includes SMS, videos, photos, call history, contacts, and even browser bookmarks. This is one of the best sync managers you will find for android. The syncing is done with the help of a USB cable which means you have to use the USB debugging mode.

  • Syncmate

Syncmate is a sync app that most of us have heard of. It is a Mac software that helps you to instantly sync data and backup from your Android device to your Mac computer. The best thing about this app is the interface. It is easy to use and comes with lots of features. It can sync all types of data including contacts, photos, videos, text messages, etc. all this is done by using the IP address of your Android device.

  • Folder Sync Lite

FolderSync is an application that is used to sync your data to a cloud service. The good thing is that it supports different cloud storage services. This includes Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Docs, etc. It can sync music, videos pictures, and documents instantly to the cloud storage from your android phone.

Using an android sync manager makes it easier for you to sync your device. It cuts down your efforts to half. After syncing your device, you can take a break and do anything like listening to music, vaping, and playing console. It can keep all your favourite shops in check form where you order frequently like food app, online cbd vape juice shop and so on. 

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