The Everlasting Appeal of Ancient Egypt in Entertainment

by on October 5, 2020

Ancient Egypt remains a popular theme in movies, music and games and an endless source of inspiration for creators and developers. Those who don’t learn history are bound to repeat the same mistakes. There’s no risk for this to happen when it comes to ancient Egypt, one of the most frequently depicted periods. You can see it displayed in movies, music, video games and online slots such as those you can find at book-of-ra-free.com. Internet casinos have a particular affinity for this theme, and slots fans are the main beneficiaries. There are dozens of games inspired by ancient Egypt, each portraying this time differently so that players can expect the utmost variety and original approaches.

A Time of Gods and Legends

Speaking of adding supernatural elements to this classic theme, moviemakers have perfected the art of blending seemingly disparate elements. Hollywood blockbusters such as Gods of Egypt were a hit at the box office and are still enjoyable to watch many years after the official release. These movies take an original approach and portray the Egyptian deities in a totally new light. While the central theme of the movies is surreal and has very little to do with reality, the movies still evoke realistic images of ancient times.

The use of CGI has allowed movie producers to take things to the next level and create an entire world from scratch. Moviegoers watch the main characters taking a stroll among the pyramids or fighting alongside legendary characters. The emotion generated by Hollywood films gets the audience fully immersed in the adventure while also teaching valuable lessons. Despite the movie industry paying so much attention to ancient Egypt, the popularity of this theme has only increased in time.

The Perfect Setting for Video Games

Video Game developers have extracted an astonishing amount from this popular theme, and many cool games are set in this period. Compared to casino games, which can only scratch at the surface, classic role-playing video games, adventure and real-time strategy games make the most of the opportunity. Having said this, an imaginative developer with the right idea can still tap into the immense potential of ancient Egypt and come up with excellent slots.

In the opinion of the site expert Vigne Kozacek, such games appeal to a broad audience of players, including veterans and casual punters. All genres are compatible with this setting so that you can find an Egyptian themed adventure game, first-person shooter or RTS. Age of Mythology was among the first to take players on such a voyage into the past, followed at a distance by Tomb Raider: Temple of Khamoon. Even games that only tangentially touch this area, such as Call of Duty, Battlefield or Overwatch found it worthwhile to dedicate a map or a mission to a location in Egypt.

Assassins Creed Origins’ New Take on History

Assassin’s Creed is one of the best-known franchises, and this videogame dedicated an entire instalment to ancient Egypt. Despite taking a steep departure from the original approach, focused on maintaining historical authenticity, Assassins Creed Origins was immensely popular. Players were perfectly happy to explore the environment imagined by the developers, with a mix of real and supernatural elements. In video games, Egyptian gods make a frequent appearance and players get to learn a lot about mythology while enjoying the cool game.

Assassins Creed Origins explores the final years of the Ptolemaic period while focusing on the conflict between the Hidden Ones and the Order of the Ancients. For players who know little about the Egypt of old, the experience promises to be highly immersive and almost overwhelming. Some of the important leaders of the time make an appearance in the game, with the likes of Cleopatra, Pompey and Ptolemy are featured.