What Can Video Games Teach Us About Social Injustice

by on December 11, 2020

Social injustice is one of the problems that humanity still tries to solve. Unfortunately, this problem is a global one and far from resolving. Even though some local initiatives and campaigns might make the world a better place for some people, there is still a long way to go. 

Social injustice is about inequity. This means that every human on the planet should be treated the same and not discriminated against based on his or her religion, job, skin color, or any other characteristic. Social injustice is a problem that becomes more and more prevalent and it can lead to mental health problems. People who are treated unfairly might lose their self-confidence, and anxiety and depression symptoms will surely appear. 

However, the world of video games has been known to treat some of these problems in their gameplay. And by playing them, video games players and enthusiasts might in fact learn more about social injustice. So, what can video games teach us about social injustice?

They Teach Us About Bullying 

Bullying is one of the most common problems that children and not only are facing today. And because now almost all activities have been shifted online due to the global pandemic, cyberbullying is also on the rise. 

Whisper of a Rose is one of those video games that are treating the bullying problem. Seeing what the bullied person goes through is important and it can help video game players change their perspective on this phenomenon. They can come to empathize with the bullied and shift their perspective in the real world too. There are many templates and essays to read on social injustice issues online. It is easy to look for an interesting social justice essay topics and find out more about the subject. However, by playing the Whisper of a Rose you can see how Melrose is bullied both by her parents and school colleagues. And she comes to create a fantasy world just for her. A fantasy world that helps her feel safe and comfortable. 

They Teach Us About the Importance of Mental Health 

Mental Health issues have been on the rise, with anxiety and depressive disorders being the most popular of all. If before there was a high number of youngsters, children, and adults that had at least one of these two types of disorders, now their number is higher. These prolonged periods of isolation and restrictions have led to more mental health problems

Elude is a video game that aims to help the players understand more about mental health issues. They do this in a nonconformist way, portraying depression and anxiety as landscapes. The main goal of the character and the player is to reach happiness. However, there are obstacles on the road that aim to show you insights into different moods. Elude teaches us about mental health and the importance of having a positive mindset. 

They Teach Us About Homosexuality 

Homosexuality is one of the topics that give rise to fiery arguments and opinions. While others accept that some people can truly love a same-sex person, others are horripilate by it. There is a huge stigma around gay people that affects their lifestyle and mental health. 

The Last of Us: Left Behind explores the story of Ellie who discovers her love for her best friend. They go through a lot of things together, but this video game shows us what we cannot see. The private life of homosexuality and all the hardships and obstacles it has to overcome. 

They Teach Us About Empathy 

Empathy is one of the characteristics that could help people make the world a better place. However, putting yourself in other’s shoes and trying to understand their perspective is something not all people do. 

The Way of Life is a video game about empathy and perspective. It aims to bring to light three of the most common perspectives: the children’s perspective, the adult’s perspective, and the elder’s perspective. Going through the same experiences and having the opportunity to see how every age group sees the same event is unique. This game helps us understand more about the power of empathy and understanding others. Because empathy could be the basis for solving some of these social injustices. 


The industry of video games has developed tremendously over the last years. And besides action and adventure games, some bring to light social injustice issues. Video games could be a nice opportunity to reach individuals and teach them about nowadays issues. 

Violence, homosexuality, mental health issues, or bullying are just some of the problems that describe social injustice. Finding out more about them and the experiences of people that go through them can help us be more empathic and understanding. Because these are the core experiences that will build a better world for everyone. 

Author Bio: Paul Calderon is a content writer and blogger who loves playing video games. He likes writing essays on topics such as psychology and mental health. Paul wants to help people be kinder through his regular blog posts.

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