NieR Replicant | How to complete the “Lost Eggs” Quest

by on April 25, 2021

NieR Replicant from Square Enix has a lot of additional side-quests for you to complete which offer up additional rewards. If you can complete them, then their rewards often easily pay for the time it takes to complete them. An early NieR Replicant quest which you can acquire is the Lost Eggs quest. It can be a little confusing to know how to progress with it, but with this handy guide, you’ll be tracking down those eggs in no time.

Where is the “Lost Eggs” Quest in NieR Replicant?

You can acquire this quest from the item shopkeeper in the village in the starting area of the game. They will tell you that they are looking for some chicken eggs, but cannot find where the hens are laying them. It turns out the hens have a very specific spot to lay their eggs. You will complete the quest if you can track the eggs down and return them to the shopkeeper.

Tracking down the eggs: Part One

Your first stop in your investigative journey is to track down a young boy in the village near the fountain. He has your first clue. According to him, “I saw one hidden in the shadows once”. This means that you can hope to find the eggs in a shaded location. Unfortunately, that isn’t really enough to go on, on its own. So we’ll need to speak to someone else to unearth more clues.

Tracking down the eggs: Part Two

For your second clue, you’ll need to venture out of the main village hub and out in the village fields. You are looking for the area near the Northern Gate, where a man is tending to some pigs. If you approach him, he will offer you another nugget of wisdom, “The chickens in this village like to lay their eggs in high places for some reason.” This suggests that the eggs themselves will be in a high-up location, which is our second clue.

Grabbing the Eggs

Once you have obtained both clues, your hero will say “Maybe we should check out the fountain by the library”. Thankfully this is pretty close to where we are now. Head over to the fountain to find the eggs. Remember you’re looking for a shaded area so you’ll need to be on the northeast side of the fountain. You’re actually looking for the shadows created by the brickwork surrounding the fountain., and if you check there you should see an orange icon there which will allow you to collect the hidden eggs.

Deliver the Eggs

With the elusive eggs in hand, it’s time to return to the item shopkeeper to deliver them. Simply speak to the shopkeeper and they will thank you and reward you with a Healing Salve. A valuable early item that normally costs 1000 gold to buy and restores 60% of your health when used, making them invaluable during tough battles. Well done, you’ve successfully completed the Lost Eggs quest in NieR Replicant.