The hardest Pokémon to catch, according to fans

by on April 28, 2021

With Pokémon Snap days away from its anticipated release (April 30, 2021), the team at Money has been investigating which rare Pokémon players find the hardest to catch.

They used a list of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon and utilized the search engine tool SEMrush to determine which Pokémon fans were googling “how to catch” the most.

Here are the results:

10 Legendary Pokémon With The Most ‘How To Catch’ Searches

hardest pokémon to catch

  1. Zacian
  2. Eternatus
  3. Groudon
  4. Zamazenta
  5. Mewtwo
  6. Ho-Oh
  7. Dialga
  8. Calyrex
  9. Necrozma
  10. Rayquaza

Ranking first as the most searched for ‘how to catch’ Legendary is Zacian. Zacian was introduced in Generation VIII and the phrase “how to catch Zacian” has 5,200 monthly searches on average around the world.

In second place is the gigantic, draconic alien Eternatus, with an average of 3,200 global monthly searches from fans wanting to know how to catch the Legendary.

Placing third is the Ground-type Legendary, introduced in Generation III, Groudon. Groudon is said to be the personification of the land itself and has fans around the world querying how to catch it with 2,600 searches on average each month.

In fourth is Zamazenta with an average of 2,100 global monthly searches, and placing fifth is the villainous Mewtwo with an average of 1,900 global monthly searches.

10 Mythical Pokémon With The Most ‘How To Catch’ Searches

hardest pokémon to catch

  1. Celebi
  2. Mew
  3. Zarude
  4. Meltan
  5. Darkrai
  6. Zeraora
  7. Arceus
  8. Deoxys
  9. Jirachi
  10. Hoopa

At the top of the list of Mythical Pokémon fans want to know how to catch is Celebi. Making its first appearance in Pokémon Gold and Silver, the rare gem has fans googling how to catch it on average 4,300 a month.

In second place is the psychic-type, Mew.  The phrase “how to catch Mew” being searched for on average 1,900 times a month.

Placing third is Zarude, who is currently only available through events.  However, this doesn’t stop fans searching for how to catch it 880 times on average a month.

In fourth is the only Mythical Pokémon that is capable of evolution, Meltan, with 610 average global monthly searches, and in fifth is Darkrai with 530.

Pokémon Snap launches on April 30, 2021.  Available on Nintendo Switch.