Nobody Saves the World Necromancer guide

by on January 18, 2022

The Necromancer form in Nobody Saves the World, is a master of the undead. His large frame, powerful attacks and clever abilities make him a useful form and deadly against enemies when used the right way. His abilities can work together to overwhelm both large enemies and small enemies alike with ease. Perhaps more than any other form, the Necromancer thrives on maximising the effects of his skills when used together, and so knowledge and experience is key to getting the most out of him. Read on to understand how to get the best from the Necromancer form in Nobody Saves the World.

General Info

Form Name: Necromancer
Damage Type: Dark
How to Unlock: Mermaid Rank C, Rogue Rank C, Ghost Rank C

Signature Ability

  • Necrotic Lightning: Hold attack: Shoot Necrotic Lightning from your fingies! Restores 12 Mana. (Required Rank F)


  • Blood Pact: Familiars are healed for 100% of all damage you do. (Passive) (Requires Rank F)
  • Summon Demon: Cast an unholy circle that deals Dark damage. Summons Demon Familiars from Corpses. Costs 50 Mana.
  • Blood Sacrifice: Sacrifice the lowest-Health Familiar for 2 Attack UP Buffs. Creates a Dark explosion. Cooldown 12 sec. (Active) (Requires Rank B)

Form Quests

  • Necrotic Lightning I: Hit baddies with Necrotic Lightning. 0/150 (20FP, 50XP) (Require Rank F)
  • Necrotic Lightning II: Kill baddies with both Necrotic Lightning and Familiar damage. 0/50 (15FP, 50XP) (Necrotic Lightning I)
  • Necrotic Lightning III: Hit MORE baddies with Necrotic Lightning. 0/300 (15FP, 50XP) (Necrotic Lightning II)
  • Blood Pact: Heal damaged Familiars. 0/50000 (10FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank D)
  • Summon Demon I: Summon Demon Familiars. 0/15 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Rank D)
  • Summon Demon II: Hit baddies with Summon Demon’s unholy circle! Baddies in the circle take Dark damage. 0/150 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Summon Demon I)
  • Summon Demon III: Summon Demon Familiars from Elite Corpses. 0/5 (15 FP, 50XP) (Requires Summon Demon II)
  • Custom I: Light Torture: Break enemy Wards with Light or Blunt damage. 0/25 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank C, Marty Jack found)
  • Custom I: Slow Death: Hit Slowed baddies. 0/25 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank C, Marty Jack found)
  • Blood Sacrifice I: Sacrifice Familiars for an Attack Up Buff then deal killing blows while Buffed. (Requires Rank B)
  • Blood Sacrifice II: Hit baddies with Blood Sacrifice’s damaging aura. Sacrifice a Familiar to create a Dark damage Aura. (Requires Blood Sacrifice I)
  • Blood Sacrifice III: Sacrifice Familiars with less than 25% Health. (Familiars with Low Health get Sacrificed first). (Requires Blood Sacrifice II)
  • Custom II: Unholy Light: Kill baddies with Monk’s Holy Light while you have 3+ Attack UP Buffs. 0/25 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires giving Octavia 3 Gem Shard)
  • Custom II: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Summon Demon Familiars from Familiar Corpses. 0/5 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires giving Octavia 3 Gem Shard)
  • Custom III: Little Help from Demons: Heal with Zombie’s Zomnomnom. 0/250 (505FP, 50 XP) (Requires Custom II: Unholy Light)
  • Custom III: Ha! Missed Me!: Hit baddies with Monk’s Smite 0/25 (505FP, 50 XP) (Requires Custom II: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Nobody Saves the World Necromancer guide


The Necromancer is a large, scary form in Nobody Saves the World that’s not to be messed with. He can literally shoot dark lightning from his fingers! Holding down attack deals Necrotic Lighting which has decent range and damage. Once you’ve dealt damage and killed some enemies, you’re going to want to resurrect them. Use Summon Demon around corpses to reanimate them, as well as deal Dark damage to any enemies near you too. Now, like the Magician, you have Familiars fighting for you. However, with your Blood Pact passive ability, you will heal them the more damage you do, meaning you should go to town with Necrotic Lightning some more to keep them alive for longer. You can also use Blood Sacrifice to sacrifice the weakest Familiar you have for 2 Attack Up Buffs (like the ones the Bodybuilder would get with Pump Up). This means you now do even more damage, to create more corpses to reanimate with Summon Demon and your Familiars will be healed for more too! With this cycle the Necromancer can become incredibly powerful.