Monark 1st year roof code guide

by on February 22, 2022

If you’ve gotten this far in Monark you’ll know that the Pactbearers are determined to stop you from shattering their Ideals, and finding the Monark 1st year roof code is one way they’ll slow you down. On the roof of the 1st year building Subaru there’s a student won’t let you pass until you give him a password, and behind him is a familiar pile of smartphones you need to reach. If the password is eluding you then stick with ole Lyle, he’ll show you the way.

Monark roof code: the clue

The first clue you’ll find is the aptly named “A Clue For You” note. This bunch of shapes is obviously a code, and I’m sure the smart alecs among us have already realised that the title of the note shows that a white triangle represents an A and a black star represents an O.

How do I use the codes?

There are two lockers with clues inside on the roof, which both need codes to unlock. The codes can be obtained by students nearby, if you can solve their riddles! Fortunately you don’t need to actually solve these, as your genius part member Kokoro will just outright tell you the answers.

Inside the lockers are two articles about the Soccer Club, one written normally and the other using the shape code. I won’t go through all the letters here, but once you’ve worked out every shape you’ll be able to work out all but two letters in the word from the original “A Clue For You” note. XassXord. The password is password. Sigh.