Dying Light 2 is getting new game+

by on April 25, 2022

Just in case it wasn’t big enough already, Techland have announced that Dying Light 2 is getting new game+ in the next update. I’ve barely had enough time to start the game personally, but if you’ve got a secret time machine then there’s plenty of new content to sink your teeth into.

“Update 1.3.0 is coming to Dying Light 2 Stay Human, fixing a lot of co-op issues, and delivering completely new, endgame content awaited by the community. New Game + will be added to the game on April 27th. NG+ mode will be available for every player that finished the base game and allows players to revisit The City and grant them the opportunity to relive the story and make different decisions from the initial playthrough, with a new scaling and higher difficulty and great bonuses. Watch the new episode of At The Fish Eye to learn more about this new actualization!

In the NG+ players will keep the progression of their initial adventure, but that’s not all, as many new things came with NG+ to Dying Light 2 Stay Human! In this new game mode, players will be able to find 30 new inhibitors, hidden in not so obvious places, to let people maximize their characters’ health and stamina. Also, enemies will now scale their difficulty to Aiden’s level, but for those seeking more challenging skirmish, Techland prepared encounters with golden marks. Those special encounters will be a real challenge for skilled Pilgrims out there, filled with special enemies and the diversity of their forms. There will be also a new quest called “Something Big Has Been Here”. New enemies will be waiting there for you, to surprise you with mutated infected and new attacks!

New challenges and encounters will reward players with greater “Legendary” weapon rarity and valuable items. But for those who prefer to collect titles over the prizes, Techland added a new platinum medal for parkour challenges, based on the gamers’ best results.

Among the newly added things in update 1.3.0, Techland also patched a bunch of co-op-related bugs, with some remaining death loops included. As for the console players (PS5 and Xbox Series X only), a FOV slider feature was added to the game, allowing them to change their perspective.”