Escape Academy The Entrance Exam Walkthrough

by on July 14, 2022

The Entrance Exam is the second escape room in Escape Academy by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy The Entrance Exam Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: 15 Minutes

Difficulty Rating: 2/5


The Headmaster’s Last Name

In order to escape this room, you’ll need to solve puzzles to uncover the first, middle and last name of the Headmaster of the Escape Academy. We’ll begin with the Last Name, although you can do these in any order.

Firstly, you’ll want to investigate her coat hanging up next to the exit door. It will reveal the Small Key. You can then take this to the Headmaster’s Desk to unlock the padlock there and get inside.

In the desk, you’ll find a Group Photo (which we’ll use later) and a screwdriver. Now, make your way back around the desk and towards the far wall, and you should see a large vent. Use the screwdriver on the vent, to take off the cover, and make your way in. Work your way around the corner of the vent, and then on the far wall you will see a sign with a phone symbol on it that reads:


Make your way back out of the vent, and go back to the desk. On the left of the desk is a phone. Interact with it and type in the number 952-4242 that you have just found. This will ring Jeb, and he will answer and say:

“You’ve reached Jeb! Wait, headmaster Solange? Aren’t you interviewing the new kid?”

From that we’ve found out the Headmaster’s last name – Solange. Go ahead and input that into the screen next to the exit door.

Moving the Bookcase

To find out the Headmaster’s First and Middle names we now need to complete another step. If you look for a briefcase to the left of the screen where you enter the Headmaster’s details, you’ll see it is locked but has pictures of a clock, plant and trophy on it. And a three number lock on it. The idea is you need to count the number of clocks, plants and trophies around the room, and that is your code. Alternatively, there are three receipts dotted around the office, once for each items, telling you how many have been purchased, but counting is quicker.

A quick peruse around the office will tell you there are:

2 Clocks
5 Plants
3 Trophies

And so the code for the briefcase lock is 253. Inside the briefcase you will find a Headmaster in Greece photo, a Headmaster in Egypt photo and a Headmaster in Japan photo.

The important thing to note down here is the dates that correspond to these photos, so:

Greece: 1991
Egypt: 1954
Japan: 1975

If you look to your left you’ll see an arrangement of books that can be interacted with, all with countries of the world on them. It’s clear you’ll need to pick Greece, Egypt and Japan, but crucially you need to pick them in the correct order. The correct order is to pick them chronologically from when the Headmaster visited that place, so based on the years above, this means the correct solution is:

Egypt, Japan, Greece

The Headmaster’s Middle Name

Now we’re getting somewhere. If you haven’t already located it, you’ll need to find the Floppy Disk on the shelf in the corner of the Headmaster’s main office. Once you have it, venture into the new area behind the bookcase.

To your right you will see a computer. Insert the floppy disk into the computer, and it will show a word on the screen:


Rather than this being a word we need to use, it’s actually something a little different. Turn around and find the piano on the other side of the room. Interact with it and play the notes D, E, A, D on it.

This will cause a UV Lightbulb to appear in a compartment of the piano. Pick it up.

Now turn around again and move to the corner to the right of the bookcase entrance. Here you should see a display stand with a certificate inside. You will notice however that there are four lamps above the display case. One of those lamps is missing a bulb, so use your new UV lightbulb to cast a UV light on the certificate.

It reveals a middle of “Jacqueline” which we can use. Go and add this into the machine next to the exit door.

The Headmaster’s First Name

We actually have everything we need to solve the Headmaster’s first name now too. We just need to pull some clues together. For this you’ll need to review Group Photo you got from the Headmaster’s desk a while ago. It’s worth pinning this item (go to view it in your inventory, and then select Pin)

Go back into the Bookcase area, and head to the far wall above the fireplace. You will notice a fox mask on a placard. Take a good look at it. Then review the Group Photo to see which mask it matches to.

After some deduction you’ll realise that it matches the mask of Sandy.

Now go, and put that name into the machine next to the exit door. You’ll notice that there isn’t actually a Sandy, but a Sandra instead – clearly Sandy was a nickname.

With the name Sandra Jacqueline Solange entered into the machine, the door will open and your escape room is complete.