Wreckreation is the new game from ex-Criterion team, Three Fields Entertainment

by on August 12, 2022

Wreckreation is the latest game announced by Three Fields Entertainment, the team made up of veteran developers from the likes of Burnout’s Criterion Games.

The team was previously responsible for the Dangerous Golf and Dangerous Driving titles, and is now teaming up with THQ Nordic who will be publishing Wreckreation. This new game is an open world racing title set in “Mixworld, a 400 square kilometers big racing realm that is yours to create, shape, and wreck”.

Three Fields say it’s a game that’s been created to be the “ultimate open-world sandbox experience for driving and racing fans alike. A complete world of your own design or designed with your friends online. In Wreckreation you can continually strive to outrace, out-stunt, or even out-crash yourself and the rest of the world on courses and tracks designed by you or your friends”.


There are multiple disciplines such as drift, air, near miss, stunt, crash, and more traditional time-trial based events. You can build structures in vacant lots, design in free camera view to place jumps, obstacles, and much more. You can also customise your car with paint jobs, and while there are 16 radio channels to listen to, you can also stream your favourite Spotify playlist.

I had the chance to see a bit of the game in action prior to the reveal, and it reminded me a little or the way Forza Horizon works, in that that there’s a massive world to explore and create within. There was no confirmation as of yet when the game is coming out, but it’ll be single player or multiplayer, with PvP split-screen multiplayer included.