Disney Dreamlight Valley House Expansion | How to upgrade your home

by on September 6, 2022

There’s a lot to do in Disney Dreamlight Valley, whether it’s fishing, cooking, or crafting, completing quests for friends, or making the village the best it can be. However, being able to return home and chill out in your Disney-themed abode should be a top priority. It doesn’t make it clear exactly how you can expand your house, or how to add rooms. Luckily, in our Disney Dreamlight Valley House Expansion guide, we’ll explain how you can improve your house and add new rooms to it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley House Expansion: All about the gems

Scrooge McDuck owns the shop in the Plaza, and he’ll give you various quests to help him make his business thrive. Thankfully, one of his quests revolves around your own home. The quest in question is called ‘Dreamlight Valley Economy 101.’ In the quest, he’ll ask you to go and sell Goofy 7 gems. By smashing rocks around the valley, you’ll sometimes receive gems as a result. Whether they’re topaz, aquamarine, or emeralds, they’ll all count towards finishing the quest. It won’t take you long, as the charcoal-coloured rocks respawn frequently. Once you’ve sold Goofy the gems, go and visit Scrooge.

Home improvements

Upon completing the quest, Scrooge will tell you to visit the elevator in your home. You won’t be able to miss it as it’s located to your left the moment you walk through the door. Step on it and select expand. From there, you’ll be able to improve the size of you first room.

Now, to add rooms to your home, a Scrooge construction sign will now be visible outside next to your front door. This works like every other upgradable building in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Simply click on it and you’ll be able to upgrade your home, giving you the option to build a new room for the right price. The first room costs 2,000 coins to unlock.

Disney Dreamlight Valley House Expansion: Making space

It’ll cost more for every new room, so make sure you’ve got a good amount of money in supply. When you’ve selected which room you want to unlock, another pop-up will appear asking you which size you want and an amount of coins you’ll need to spend, choosing from 6×6 (1,000 coins), 8×8 (2,000 coins), and 10×10 (3,000 coins). Once chosen, you can begin to decorate, meaning your home improvements have begun, and you’ve got plenty of room for all your cool furniture.