Trinity Fusion is coming to Xbox, demo available now

by on December 6, 2022

Angry Mob Games has revealed that 2D action RPG Trinity Fusion is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X, and you can try it ahead of release thanks to a demo that’s available right now.

This news comes off the back of the PC closed beta, which is getting a second wave of invites today, as well. The demo is part of the Winter Game Fest, and you can see the Xbox trailer below.


Trinity Fusion is a game Mick recently previewed, and he liked it, saying: “At present, Trinity Fusion is very young. It’s lacking a lot of variety in terms of run-specific buffs, and its universe really needs context. That will all come with the full release I’m sure, but it doesn’t help in a closed beta. Perhaps most importantly though, is that it feels great to play. The characters move well, combat is relatively simple and there’s a ton of different weapons even at this stage.

It also looks gorgeous, the various stages reflecting strong, singular themes like a factory, a rocky tundra, and a cyberpunk alien city. Character design is striking and there’s a great selection of enemies, from huge alien beasts to deadly machines and robots. If nothing else, Trinity Fusion has my attention. It needs some work, but if Angry Mob stick the landing it could be a great addition to the genre”.

You can grab the demo and start it downloading via this link, but don’t wait too long as it’s only available until December 12th.