Fire Emblem Engage engage pairings | Best Emblems to pair with characters

by on January 20, 2023

With such a massive list of characters, Fire Emblem Engage emblem pairings can prove difficult to work out, so we’ve made this list to help you. Instead of trying every emblem and ring with every hero on offer (it’s a huge cast of characters, after all), we decided to spend hours testing things out.

In our Fire Emblem Engage emblem pairings guide, we’ll try to give you the best idea of who to use, and even an alternative suggestion, just in case you don’t quite like the pairing yourself.

It’s worth noting that some of the better pairings do unlock later in the game, so unless you want some things spoiled, we’d recommend you proceed with caution. Even some playable characters might be spoilers, so again: consider this fair warning. We’d recommend being at chapter 11-12 at least before diving too deeply into this guide.

Fire Emblem Engage emblem pairings: Marth

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As you start out, Marth is paired with Alear, and to be honest, this is a great shout by the game. Marth is very quick and pairs his skills nicely with the Divine Dragon. Any strength based character will do well with Marth, but we’d really recommend using him with Alear permanently, and instead, getting Alear’s bond levels up with others to inherit skills.


With her Warp Ragnarok ability, you want to pair Celica with a character that is both strong and mobile, which is why we think that Ivy is the best choice. She has strong spells from the moment you can use her, can be custom built into a tanking healer-cum-damage dealing mage, and she can use Warp Ragnarok to get far away and deal major damage, and survive 2-3 attacks, often coming out on top. Add to that the fact she can cast twice for half damage with another Celica skill, and it’s a done deal.


While you will likely start out having Alfred as your main “Sigurd” bearer, you will simply unlock better characters as you progress through the story. Ultimately we’d recommend pairing Sigurd with Chloe or Amber, at least for a while. We eventually actually paired Sigurd with Veyle to buff her physical aspects and make her more viable, and since she has unique spells, you’ll want her on the field.

Fire Emblem Engage emblem pairings: Leif

Fire Emblem Engage emblem pairings

We recommend pairing Leif with Framme, simply because she will end up a battle mage for you, and often that means you’ll position here near opponents you have a clear advantage over. This means “Arms Shield” will help you, while Adaptable and Quadruple hit just make her a more rounded hero overall.


Goldmary is a cracking choice for Roy thanks to the fact his “Advance” skill lets you close the gap on enemies you can’t quite reach. Blazing Lion, on the other hand, as a skill, lets you attack foes who are a short distance away, making Goldmary more adept in more combat encounters.


Fire Emblem Engage emblem pairings - Lyn

There are two schools of thought with Lyn: one is to keep the bow-strong character with the likes of Alcryst, and to begin with, this is a great shout. However, you could also pair Lyn with a flying hero like Ivy or Chloe because it gives them a great defence against other fliers, or lets them use her special ability to get rid of bow wielders when in gangs. We’d suggest getting a feel for Lyn, but we ended up using her with Chloe the most.


One of the trickier Emblems to manage, Merrin is a great pick for her. As a hero who is malleable and can do a lot of things, including damage, fast movement, and poison, the fact you can switch between Lunar Brace and Solar Brace makes Merrin that bit more valuable and gives more variety to battles. While Merrin can be weak, being clever with Eirika means you can be healing after attacking as well.


When it comes to Ike, Diamont is your boy. He has great starting stats, and Diamont’s ability helps him tank through multiple enemies at once. We barely changed Diamont and Ike’s pairing at all, so strong is that bond both in game, and theoretically. That said, he can make Kagetsu a fearsome warrior as well, so if you’re final stages and looking to boost another character, switch Ike over to Kagetsu.

Fire Emblem Engage emblem pairings: Micaiah

Fire Emblem Engage emblem pairings

Whichever character you’ve chosen as your main healer is best with Micaiah, though we’d recommend a flyer. Hortensia worked best for us, combined with other healing spells that means she’s mobile, and as long as you have a secondary healer, using the sacrifice skill will instantly recover everyone’s health and make these two a great pairing.


A great pairing for Lucina is Diamant, he’s already a great support character, but adding Lucina just makes him basically a berseker who gets involved in everything as a backup fighter. Bonded Shield means you can protect allies from first attacks, and all-for-one is a superb ability to get everyone hitting the same enemy and finishing them off.


While you get him fairly late in comparison to some characters, Pandreo is a superb pairing for Corrin. He has a type bonus for his Dragon Vein special effect, can heal when you’re waiting, prevents damage, and general makes him a super powerful mage. Until you get Pandreo, pair Corrin with a magic user for the same reasons.

Fire Emblem Engage emblem pairings: Byleth

Fire Emblem Engage emblem pairings

Byleth is a good emblem ring to have for any supporting character. While Seadall is where he’ll start, offering the chance to give heroes extra moves after they’ve taken a turn, we actually found a fully maxed our Alcryst was also a great character to have paired with Byleth. Alear isn’t a bad shout either, and since you won’t always be able to use Marth, Byleth is a good choice for Alear while that’s the case.