How long to beat Resident Evil 4 Remake

by on March 24, 2023

As one of the biggest games of the first half of 2023, people will want to know how long it takes to beat Resident Evil 4 Remake. There’s plenty of time to spend with the game, and it’s the biggest release until we get into the likes of Redfall and Tears of the Kingdom, but the Resident Evil series hasn’t always been that long, often offering speed-running options.

For example, Resident Evil 2 Remake can be finished in under an hour if you’re a speed-runner. But Resident Evil 4 was one of the longest games in the series, even in 2005, and fans will be glad to know that if anything, the remake is even longer. With more cut-scenes, side-quests, and more mechanics, if you want to know how much time you’ll be spending in order to beat Resident Evil 4 Remake, you’re in the right place.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: how long is it?

If you’re playing on the standard difficulty and play through while exploring, doing a good amount of side-quests (requests), and are of an average skill-level, you can expect to complete Resident Evil 4 Remake in 16-17 hours.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: how long to beat

There are a lot of variable that can affect how long it takes to beat, however. There are a host of brand new “requests” in the game, and while some are simple, such as shooting blue targets (returning from the original), there are some harder ones that require a bit more pixel hunting.

What are the factors that determine how long it takes me?

Difficulty is a huge factor in what defines the length of Resident Evil 4 Remake. On assisted (unlocked if you die a few times) for example, you are given an aim assist, lots more ammo, and will generally find it a whole lot easier. Likewise, the hardcore mode (for veterans, apparently) is brutal even in the early village sections, with limited ammo, enemies who will seemingly never drop, and other factors making it harder.

What are the factors that determine how long it takes me?

There are also optional requests (side missions) that can add a huge amount of time, as they offer up entirely new content, such as mini-boss battles. These are entirely optional, but you’ll be rewarded for completing them, so if you do these, you’ll up your completion time to around 18 hours.