Men of War II is having a multiplayer tech test, available now

by on March 23, 2023

Fulqrum Publishing has announced that there will be a Men of War II multiplayer tech test, and it’s launching right now. The tech test of Men of War II is a major milestone, as it’s the first time the game is publicly playable, and it’ll be taking place on Steam from Thursday 23rd March (today/now!) until Monday 27th March.

The developer explains that “Players will be able to choose from the 1st Infantry, 1st Tank or 1st Artillery battalion from the Soviet, German and U.S. armies, allowing them to try out over 80 units from the full game’s total roster of over 300. Each battalion features its own gameplay style and unique strategic opportunities resulting in a deeply rewarding experience that is easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Furthermore, the full game will feature individual battalion customisation and additional unit unlocks via in-game progression, expanding the level of control players have on the battlefield”.

To go along with the surprise announcement, Fulqrum has also put out a trailer that shows off what you can expect from the tech test, viewable below:


As you’d expect, the test includes just a portion of the main game, offering four modes, as follows:

  • Combat – a classic Men of War mode featuring an all-out brawl between two teams. Victory goes to the team that can destroy the most enemy units, while keeping their own most valuable units alive. (Available on the Borovaya River and The Winter March maps).
  • Assault Zones – opposing players go head-to-head to earn victory points by capturing and holding strategic points on the map. (Available on the Bazerville and Borovaya River maps).
  • Front Line – a brand new, strategic mode, that sees teams using infantry to push their Front Line into enemy territory resulting in a tense tug-of-war style match-up in which teamwork is paramount. (Available on all five maps).
  • Incursion – an asymmetric game mode utilising the Front Line mechanic, in which one team needs to capture a number of highlighted zones held by the opposing team. (Only available on The Coast map).

While there are five maps in the technical test (Bazerville, Borovaya River, Farmland, The Coast, The Winter March), there will be 22 multiplayer maps in the full game when it launches later this year. The test also features nine single player tutorial missions, if you don’t want to go against real people online.

To take part in the test all you have to do is head to the Men of War II Steam page and hit “request access”, which will start the download off.

Men of War II is coming to PC via Steam and Epic Games Store in 2023.