Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough Chapter 5

by on April 11, 2023

Chapter 5 of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, The Horror at the Door, is set in Arneson’s Mansion, and it may be a chapter you need a walkthrough for. In this chapter, we will explore the foreboding Arneson’s Mansion looking for Eulah’s brother Davy and what Arneson has to do with the plot at large. As with any chapter in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, Chapter 5 can be difficult to figure out, but here at God is a Geek, we’ve got an entire walkthrough for the game to help you through all the puzzles.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough Chapter 5

Gaining Entry

Begin by heading to your right. Eulah mentioned an alternative entrance by the barn so let’s head there first. The barn will appear on your left – with white bulls on the doors. There are a few things to Concentrate on, but what you need to look at to progress are the padlock on the door and the iron bars. Sherlock will reveal – conveniently – he no longer has his lockpicks. Now look to the left of the big barn doors and you will see a plant pot. Concentrate on it, and then you will find the Key to Stables inside. Use the Key on the Padlock to gain entry to the stables.

Investigating the cab inside will mean Arneson hasn’t left the Mansion, updating your Arneson’s Mansion evidence. Looking to your right at the horse will give you the Dying Horse evidence. Head out the far door, into the back garden. If you turn immediately right, you’ll enter a small fenced area with a Bucket and a water butt. Use the Bucket on the butt to fill it with water. You can then return to the Dying Horse to give it the water and help it back on its feet.

Head back into the garden, and approach the Mansion. You’ll realise the front door, around to the left is locked, so we need to find an alternative entry. Head around to the right, following the path. Then, when it branches off to the right, take it and when you enter the more overgrown area, look for points for Concentration and Investigation. You will discover the Backyard evidence and build on it over time. You should also find the Animal near Severed Fingers evidence. Make your way to the small jetty for another investigation point and some further updates to Backyard evidence. There’s more to this area, but we need more context. It’s time to head into the Mansion. Follow back up the path, and head straight until you reach the back door of the house.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 5 – Big Imagination

The next section is all about unearthing what happened in Arneson’s Mansion, and building up your Mansion Crime Scene evidence. There’s a large 7-part Imagination section we need to uncover, and unlocking all the Scenarios and Scenes takes a bit of digging. So let’s take it one step at a time. There’s something to Concentrate on on the floor ahead of you. Then turn left into the main hallway. On the table, to your left, you’ll find the Letter From Locksmith evidence.

If you head forward, towards the front door, you’ll still find it locked. Head left, through the doorway, into the kitchen. Investigate the body in front of you as Watson. This will unlock Scenes 1 and 2, but not all Scenarios. Move around the central table to a smaller one by the window. You can Investigate and Concentrate here as well. This will unlock Scene 3. Head out of the other door, and you’ll be back in the hallway you started in, by the back door. Turn left and head into the Mansion again. On the floor near where you found the Letter from the Locksmith is another Concentration point that unlocks Scene 4.

Return back to the original hallway, and you will notice a door with a Horse emblem on it. Trying to open it fails, netting you the Door with a Horse Symbol on it. Slightly further down the hallway on the floor is something else to Investigate – a candlestick and footprint. This will update the Door with a Horse Symbol evidence and unlock Scene 5.

Head further into the Dining Room, and there is a Concentration point straight away on your left. Then there is another candlestick on the floor to investigate, and a bloodstain next to it too. You can also Investigate the fireplace. This will yield the Burnt Note about Telegram evidence. Scene 6 will also now be unlocked.

Proceed further down the Dining Room to find another dead body. Approach and Watson will investigate. Once done Scene 7 will be unlocked. You should also whilst you are here investigate the painting on the wall for the Mr Arneson Hunting evidence.

Head upstairs

We’ve searched through everything on the ground floor that can help us for now. Despite unlocking all 7 Scenes, some of the Scenarios are still locked, so we need to learn more about what went on here. Let’s head upstairs. At the top of the stairs, there is a door in front of you with a sword symbol on it. Enter and investigate the desk you can see. You will uncover the Photo of Arneson with a BoyLetter From L, and Farmer’s Guide to Fauna of Louisiana. Then look to your left, and you’ll see a picture hanging on the wall you can Investigate. Do so for the Photo of Hunters evidence.

Now if you pin the Letter From Locksmith evidence you will discover a new Concentration point on the painted wall. Head over there and take a look to get the Secret Lock evidence and update the Arneson’s Mansion evidence.

We can now use the Farmer’s Guide to Fauna of Louisiana as an archive for the Animal near Severed Fingers evidence. So highlight this evidence and choose to use the archives. Select Class: Mammal, Order: Carnivore, and Weight: 10-50 pounds. This will highlight Chapter 13: Raccoons.

Leave the room and head across the landing and left, into the room with the two-key symbol on it. To the right, on a small table, you can find the Letter from Lakofka

Piece it all together

We now have all we need to solve the Imagination sequence. You now need to go around the 7 Scenes on the ground floor and select the correct Scenario based on all the information you’ve found. If you’re struggling the correct solution is:

  1. Scene 1: Scenario 5
  2. Scene 2: Scenario 1
  3. Scene 3: Scenario 2
  4. Scene 4: Scenario 3
  5. Scene 5: Scenario 1
  6. Scene 6: Scenario 4
  7. Scene 7: Scenario 3

This will result in Sherlock explaining all the goings on in the Mansion. You will also get The Horrors of the Arneson Mansion evidence.

We can now enter the Mind Palace and deduce What happened to Davy? Select Door with a Horse Symbol, Mansion Crime Scene, and The Horrors of the Arneson Mansion evidence. This will reveal:

Davy retreated and barricaded himself in.

This will update the Door with a Horse Symbol evidence. If you go to the door, you will now call out to Davy, but nothing will happen. He won’t come out for a stranger. It’s time to return to Eulah.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 5 – Getting to Davy

Exit out the back door and return to the front gate. Eulah isn’t where she was, which is strange. So let’s head to the barn to head back to where we first met her. As you approach the barn you’ll hear some strange noises. And then when you enter the barn, you’ll see a short cutscene. Eulah was hung and left to die in the barn! Thankfully you rescued her just in time. Investigate around her and you’ll find the Note with Threats evidence, revealing it was Sheriff Grubb who tried to kill Eulah as a warning. After a short cutscene in the barn, the three of you return to the Mansion. After a bit of encouragement, Davy opens the door.

When you get control of Watson, head to Davy and Observe him. You can, as usual, deduce between the two Character Portraits, whether Arneson Cared for Davy or Mistreated Davy. The truth is clearly Cared for Davy. Following the Observation, a small cutscene will play out with Sherlock asking for Davy’s help. He asks for the name of the man in the Photo of Hunters evidence with Arneson. And he also asks if Davy knows how to get into the locked room with a Bell symbol on it.

Davy writes on the blackboard what he knows. You will get the Character Portrait: Davy evidence, and an update to your Mansion Crime SceneThe name in the photo is “Ashmat” and the key to the Bell room is in the room upstairs with the two-key symbol on it.

The Secrets of the Mansion

Pin the Mansion Crime Scene evidence and then head upstairs. Enter the two-key room and the plant pot next to the door is your first Concentration point, but it is fruitless. Then you can look into the wardrobe for another Concentration space, but again, nothing is here. There’s also a white table in the other corner to Investigate, but nothing is there either. Finally, your attention is drawn to the Arneson portrait on the wall. This will get you the Portrait of Mr Arneson evidence. You can then interact with it to shift it to the right and reveal the safe behind.

The safe code is a four-digit number, and you’re looking for a date that is important to Arneson. Now we’ve actually seen a fair few dates on pictures we’ve discovered up to now. You could go through all of them and try each date, but the answer is actually on the Mr Arneson Hunting evidence. The date on that picture is:


Interact with the safe and enter this code to unlock it. Now Investigate the open safe, to find the Receipt from ‘Lock and Load’ evidence. But more importantly, the Set of Keys item. You can now head downstairs and enter the Bell room. Inside you can find a Concentration point by the bed and then interact with it to move it. Investigate the board underneath to find the Black Opal item and Collection of Notes with Instructions evidence. Then look at the desk to find the Telegram from ‘R’ evidence. Then investigate the clothes on the bed to update the Photo of Hunters evidence.

Now we can use the Mind Palace to answer How can the painting lock be opened? Select Secret Lock, Letter From Locksmith, and Portrait of Mr Arneson evidence. This will reveal:

By using Arneson’s signet ring.

This updates the Secret Lock evidence. This unlocks another Mind Palace question which we can also answer. Where is the ring? For this select Backyard and Chapter 13: Raccoons. This will reveal:

A raccoon took it.

This will get you the Raccoon has the Ring evidence.

Raccoons and Rings

Now we have to head back outside to further explore the Backyard. But now we know more about what happened here, so we can investigate further. Pin the Raccoon has the Ring evidence and head to the scene with the fingers. With this evidence pinned, you’ll now see in Concentration mode, small raccoon paw prints leaving the scene of the biting. Follow them, they should first lead you back in the direction of the mansion, before bearing off to the left. You can Concentrate on another area of blood. But keep following the pawprints, and when they disappear, look to your right, and you will see some fruit on the ground in front of a tree. Investigate that tree to find the Ring with Letter ‘A’.

Now head back inside the mansion and head upstairs and into the sword room. Now that you have the ring, a secret door will open on the painted wall. This will automatically update the Mansion Crime Scene evidence. In the far-right corner, Investigate the shelving unit to find Arneson’s Note on Bank and Ashmat evidence. You’ll also find the Engagement Ring and Bottle of Champagne items.

On the desk in the other corner, Investigate to discover the Love Letter from Arneson, Photo of Arneson and Lucy, and Letter from Northwood Agency evidence.

Now let’s enter the Mind Palace again to answer How to learn the contents of the burnt message? For this select Photo of Arneson with a Boy, Letter from Lakofka, and Arneson’s Note on Bank and Ashmat. This will reveal:

Davy might hold the information.

This will update the Burnt Note about Telegram evidence. We can also now solve the final Mind Palace puzzle for this chapter, Where is Arneson currently? For this select Love Letter from Arneson and Letter from Northwood Agency evidence. This will reveal:

Arneson was taken to a ‘location’ in the swamp.

This will update your Arneson’s Mansion evidence. We’ll now pin the Burnt Note about Telegram evidence and speak to Davy. After a small cutscene, you will get the Cryptic Message evidence.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 5 – Back to New Orleans

The final thread for this chapter is Lucy. It is clear she was involved with Arneson, so we need to speak to her. Fast-travel back to the French Quarter point.



After this point, you will not be able to return to the Arneson Mansion and explore any further. Head back if you wish to do anything else. Otherwise, proceed to ask for a lift from the cab back to New Orleans.


Head straight to the Nymph of Louisiana to speak to Lucy, she will be outside Room 6. Begin talking to her and she will deny being in a relationship with Arneson. Now it is time to Confront her. Select the Love Letter From Arneson, Photo of Arneson and Lucy, and Engagement Ring. This will force her to come clean about the relationship. She’ll then explain that “death’s messengers” are in fact white lillies.

You now need to go and ask a favour of Champagne. So head on over to the Fisherman’s Quarter where you met her last time. Speak with her and this time she will demand payment for the boat. Luckily you can pin your Bottle of Champagne and use that as payment. She will agree to lend you a boat, after giving you a stern warning about entering the bayou at night. She also lends you her rifle. After the conversation ends, you will have finished the Chapter.

Congratulations you have completed Chapter 5 of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened.