New licensed Xbox controller, EVOL-X announced by NACON

by on May 22, 2023

NACON has taken the opportunity to reveal the EVOL-X, a brand new licensed Xbox controller, during Bigben Week 2023.

The EVOL-X is Microsoft-certified, as you’d expect, and is designed to be “easy to use, comfortable and durable, it is ideal for players looking for a heavy-duty, high-performing controller”, according to NACON. The new controller is also available in six colours (white, black, silver, transparent with LEDs, metallic blue, metallic red) and will retail for €34.99 when it’s released in September 2023.

Here’s the feature list:

  • Four vibration motors (two in the triggers and two in the grips) so players can feel the
    game’s sensations right in their hands
  • Wired USB connection with 3m detachable cable for playing at a comfortable distance from
    the screen
  • A reinforced 3.5mm jack for optimal durability
  • A non-slip surface for optimal grip and comfort during long gaming sessions
  • Larger action buttons to increase ease of use and comfort
  • Concave stick heads to fit thumbs and improve handling

New licensed Xbox controller, EVOL-X announced by NACON

NACON says that part of this new EVOL-X is building on what the company has done with the Revolution X (a premium controller released in 2021 that’s more like an Elite or DualSense Edge style controller, with back paddles, etc), and that “the EVOL-X offers everything gamers need in a controller for an affordable price”.

We’re actually having a look at some of NACON’s peripherals right now, so stay tuned for the full reviews of them, but I will say out of the gate that the RIG 800 Pro headset is already very impressive on PC, with the Dolby Atmos ability, but also thanks to how comfortable the thing is. We’ll be looking at that, the Revolution X, and one of NACON’s fightsticks, pretty soon.

If you’re wondering why it was announced during Bigben week, well that’s because NACON was founded in 2019 as part of the Bigben group, and the NACON brand is used for games as well as peripherals.