WrestleQuest tips | 8 helpful tips to get you started

by on August 8, 2023

There aren’t many games out there that blend professional wrestling with other genres. We’ve got AEW: Fight Forever and WWE 2K23, but when it comes to mixing things up, WrestleQuest does it in many different ways. While it does feature action in the squared circle, it focuses on turn-based action, kind of like if Pok√©mon put on spandex and greased up its muscles. While it offers a fairly straightforward loop to its gameplay, there are a few beginner’s tips that can help you get the most out of WrestleQuest, and we’ve put together this guide to help you out.

WrestleQuest beginner’s tips: Pay attention to the action

There’s always an option to do a variety of damage in WrestleQuest by hitting the button prompt before the timer runs out, however, you can also mitigate the amount of damage done to you if you’re able to press the button before the timer runs out. It’s always important to pay attention to every move you make, as well as what your opponent does. If you miss, it can result in less damage being done to your opponent as well as more damage being done to you.

Hitting the ropes

To get some extra damage on an opponent after a strike, they’ll occasionally knock you into the ropes. After you bounce back, there’s a window for you to do inflict some pain on your foe by pressing the relevant button prompt. It won’t result in the same kind of damage as a Gimmick would, but it is worth paining attention after getting clobbered.

WrestleQuest Tips

Make use of Gimmicks

It can be easy to get distracted by striking an opponent to inflict all of your damage, but Gimmicks are a great way to hurt an opponent. As you progress through WrestleQuest, you’ll begin to enlist help from your tag team partners, managers, and more, and these gimmicks offer ways to severely hurt your opponent, as well as offer up healing, particular buffs, and even the opportunity to steal an item. Each one uses an amount of Action Points, so be careful and manage how many you have left.

Be patient when pinning

When you’ve drained your opponent of their Hit Points, the option to pin becomes available through the Gimmicks menu. It requires a steady hand and patience in order to pull it off. You normally get ten seconds to hit the button when the arrow hovers over the green area on the gauge, so don’t try and frantically press or else you’ll fail. Take your time and use a bit of patience to connect three times before the timer runs out.

WrestleQuest beginner’s tips: Explore everywhere

Scattered throughout WrestleQuest are chests that can provide various items, from health to be used during maps to new gear that boosts your stats. Whenever you enter an area, it’ll let you know if there’s any treasure to be found. Having this handy prompt lets you know that somewhere near is an item worth grabbing, so seek out the treasure chests to get you ready for the tougher opponents.

Manage your party efficiently

As you progress, you’ll get new items, moves, and equipment that can boost your stats as well as improve your whole party. Checking out the menu allows you to equip any new gear you may have found or earned from successful competitions. Whenever you buy something from a store, it’ll show you how it will improve you or a member of your party’s stats, so pay attention to how it’ll benefit you.

WrestleQuest Tips

Complete Dramatic Moments

Sometimes you’ll need to complete Dramatic Moments in order to progress, but a lot of the time they’re optional. Although you can also skip these, they’ll often reward you with special gear, so it’s important to pay attention to what they might be as you can never have enough sparkly trunks!

God mode, here we come!

If you’re finding the battle tough in WrestleQuest, there’re a couple of options in the settings that’ll make your entire playthrough impossible for your opponent to reign victorious. If you want every move to do max damage, there’s an option for you to turn it on, and if you want to be immortal, enable the Immortality option. You can also choose to auto-pin in the same menu, which takes away the need for the minigame.