Alan Wake 2 complete guide | all collectibles and upgrade locations

by on October 27, 2023

To say Alan Wake 2 has been a long time coming is a massive understatement, but it’s a game chock full of collectibles, upgrades, and locations to explore, and due to how dark (and torchlit) the world is, you’ll miss things as you play, for sure. With our Alan Wake 2 complete guide, you can be sure you won’t miss an upgrade material, word of power, door code, weapon, or anything else that the game contains.

Some of the sections of our Alan Wake 2 complete guide will obviously contain spoilers, but we always try to keep them to a minimum. But, for example, if you’re looking to find the bolt cutters, or work out how to unlock padlocks with no key or code, you’re going to need to play the story through, as they’re part of that. As we say, we keep spoilers to a minimum even in those guides, and if we do have to venture into that territory, we try to signpost it ahead of time.

It’s also worth noting that the best way to get everything, and get all achievements or the platinum trophy, is to play through the story naturally, and come back to mop up before the game tells you that you’re at the point of no return. With that in mind, here’s the categories for our complete guide. Oh, and why not read our review of the game, while you’re at it! Just click the title or image for the guide you want to read!

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Talk Show Studio: how to get the door code

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