The Thaumaturge gets an exciting new trailer

by on February 1, 2024

11 bit studios and Fool’s Theory have released a new trailer for The Thaumaturge, an upcoming isometric RPG that looks very exciting indeed.

The extensive (seven minute long) trailer really sets the scene for the game, which is set in an alternative version of 1905 Warsaw. The team has said of this video that “This particular quest, titled ‘To Dust, You Shall Return’, unfolds across several locations in Warsaw, which was under the yoke of Russian rule at the time”, adding, “First stop? The elegant Imperial Hotel, where Wiktor meets Swietłana, a member of the Tsar’s court desperate to escape the city. From there, it’s off to the London Bar and a shady neighbourhood, where even shadier characters await”.

Check it out below:


A melting pot where luxury hotels and notorious bars in the affluent districts of the city pulse with strong drinks and loud music exist alongside messy shacks in the windy district of Powiśle. Taking center stage as our thaumaturge, Wiktor Szulski is the kind of guy who won’t think twice about diving into the darkest corners of the city to investigate and stand up against the Russian Okhrana who controls its streets. In the quest trailer linked below—using his thaumaturgy powers and the might of his otherworldly salutors to lend a helping hand—Wiktor will aid a damsel in distress who is in crucial need of assistance.

“Genres, while practical frameworks, can feel restrictive, and as seasoned gamers, we asked ourselves here at 11 bit studios: how can we do things differently?” says Rufus Kubica, Product Management Lead. “By bypassing traditional elements that could weigh down the experience—an overloaded inventory or excess of inconsequential loot—we’ve crafted a meaningful, personal narrative-driven adventure with various features such as Wiktor’s thaumaturgical perception, character manipulations, and our spin on a Combat system – to name a few”.

Kubica continued: “The Thaumaturge is a story of Wiktor’s struggles and heritage. That was the focus and that’s why we and the devs at Fool’s Theory decided to reshape the usual RPG quest design slightly. In many RPGs, you can tell the qualitative difference between the main storyline and side quests or fetch quests. Our goal was to ensure that the side content seamlessly integrates with the main narrative, offering players an immersive experience within the myriad of smaller stories, allowing them to get lost in the rich tapestry of 1905 Warsaw”.

The Thaumaturge will be released on PC on February 20, 2024, followed by PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions at a later date.